featuredarticleimage Read up on your career strategies

If you like the JobsPage, you’ll probably also like one of these. They contain answers to some of the best questions send to Ask the Recruiter as well as a complete guide to landing internships.

j-students-255x88 Journalism internships: 10 articles

Here are links to 10 JobsPage articles with some of our best internship-hunting strategies. Yes, this is the time to apply for 2010 summer internships.

newspaper_movies Newspapers in the movies

Here are some of the best newspaper movies of all time (and a few clinkers) to help you unwind.


Pencil with sharpener and shavings Different points of view sharpen all media

A call for more diversity in the comic book industry has value for the same reason it helps news: More perspectives and a wider talent pool can only make media better.


Photo © Richard Lyons iStockphoto NFL cities have as many black sports editors as black coaches: 3

To develop more diverse management teams, newsrooms, like the NFL, must build a pipeline that people can follow from entry jobs to leadership positions.


Boy picks on another boy in a locker room Bullying coverage: Must we wait until someone dies?

Here are five examples of bullying stories that reporters can dig into to break the reactive cycle of covering a death, the effects and then writing a suicide prevention article.


Cat watches computer screen Now, employers can watch you through Facebook Graph

Facebook Graph will become a new tool that employers can use to study candidates — and a way for job-seekers to build compelling online portraits of themselves.

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