Now, employers can watch you through Facebook Graph

Jan 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Networks, News, Professional branding

By Joe Grimm
Michigan State University
School of Journalism

Facebook Graph, announced Jan. 15 and now in beta, brings search to the world’s largest social network.

That is bound to affect the hiring process and careers. While some companies warn against using Facebook to screen prospective employees, a Gartner Research report in 2012 predicted that he number of companies that do use Facebook in the selection process will hit 60 percent by 2015.

At this stage Graph, short for Facebook’s “social graph,” or audience, will search for information organized around photos, people, places and interests.

More will be coming says Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the video above.

Users will be able to search for their Facebook friends as photographer with others, or what their friends say about a common interest. Without Graph it would be too time-consuming to tease that information out of the reams of data.

We might expect Graph to help people study our social networks, whom we share interests with, where we have been and why we went there.

Some people still feel they can keep their lives private by tweaking their security settings. That is largely a myth or, at best, the situation for today. It is safest to act as though Facebook is visible to everyone because it could be.

The safest course is one of promotion rather than protection.

If you use Facebook as though any employer can see it and judge you through the lens of Facebook Graph, what kind of persona do you want to project? Rather than thinking about what to exclude, hide or put behind flimsy privacy walls, display the best things about yourself.

Build an authentic, positive and professional Facebook presence. Then you won’t worry about how will see what you post. You’ll wish more people would.

Here is a 45-minute video of the presentation with slides.

The Facebook page about Graph and a button to sign up for the beta waiting list

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  1. Victoria Lim says:

    Excellent article, and word of warning. Applicants of any job, of all ages, really need to be aware of their social media footprint. Not just their content, but their friends’ content too. So get them to take down those pictures of you wearing the lampshade on your head!

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