Forget the job ratings; march to the beat of your heart

Jan 16th, 2013 | By | Category: News

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By Joe Grimm
Michigan State University
School of Journalism

Ratings make me want to scream. They are so meaningless.

Recently, we have seen ratings that say newspaper reporters have one of the top 10 most stressful jobs (along with soldiers, CEOs and firefighters). Also, people have been writing about a book that says journalists are one of the 10 most likely trades in which to find a psychopath.

Do the people who read this believe it? Do they people who write it believe it?

No list, rating or star system, whether based on a survey or a finger to the wind can tell me what is rewarding, stressful, fun or challenging for me.

Some journalists are always stressed; some are always mellow. I suspect that is true in every trade. Ratings and top 10 lists discount variations within the group.

Psychology Today recently turned list-making on its head by giving us 10 reasons why people love their jobswhatever their jobs.

My three favorites:

1. They don’t care what you think.

2. They won’t be stopped.

3. They never, ever limit their vision to serve the interests of petty competition.

In short, they do what they love, they love what they do and they’ll keep doing it until they decide they don’t. Then, they’ll do something new. They don’t need lists.

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  1. Rose Tibayan says:

    I saw that survey about psychopath journalists. I think most people don’t believe those studies, but repost them just for fun!

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